Sponsor and 1st expert

Jean-Yves MARQUETAttorney

I accepted to be part of the Experts network in order to put my experience of companies in difficulty at the service of CEOs who often ignore procedures, their interests as well as the consequences of some of their activities, in order to help them in a difficult period both at professional and human levels.

Each Expert recognized as such by CONNECTING PRO PEOPLE is committed to the respect of a certain number of values ​​which together constitute the ethics charter of our network. Our experts must be the spokespersons but also the guardians of our club.

We distinguish 3 types of values.

1-Identity values

These are those of our commitments that express who we are, what brings us together and drives us.
Humanity : By respecting the person and placing it kindly at the center of our action, we value the diversity expressed by each person.
Commitment : The deep convictions we share structure our professional vision, serving the individual.
Authenticity : We remain faithful to our vocation and our commitments in every situation.

2-Action values

They state how we work, how to implement our values of identity.
Perseverance : We aim to conduct our business in line with the principles of sustainable development and we are focusing on our adaptive capacity.
Efficiency : We are always looking for the most positive results both economically and socially.
Remuneration scheme : The first interview is strictly free. When a client chooses an expert as a consultant, then the expert is committed to provide him the fee agreement before any work of any kind is undertaken.
Any disputes in this regard are likely to be dealt with by the professional bodies to which the expert belongs, and may result in the removal of the person concerned from the experts network of Connecting Pro People.

3-Values of respect of professional privacy

Each expert, regardless of his profession, is bound by the professional secrecy and will engage with an absolute secret of your private and professional life.
None of the information obtained or collected in the course of the consultations shall be disclosed.1

Any violation of the rules of this charter is likely to result in the outright exclusion of the person concerned not only from the circle of experts but also from Connecting Pro People.

Certification of experts

To ensure compliance with this charter, the certification of our experts is done as following :

  • the testimony of at least two professionals (experts) belonging to the same sector of activity
  • the testimony of at least three companies who have called upon their services / skills