They support us

More than twenty sponsors, recognized leaders and professionals from various sectors and activities, most of whom participated in the creation of Connecting Pro People, continue to support the club and are very active.

They play a vital role in the club because they feed us on the topics to be addressed, to be closer to expectations, help us to welcome you and put you in touch at our events and challenge us constantly. Their presence and action allow us to improve and innovate.

Below you can find the presentation of some of our sponsors.

Michel HERVÉ

President and Founder of the Groupe HERVE THERMIQUE

Engineer, Banker (IDPC), Professor (Paris VIII), Politician (Mayor, Regional counsellor, Deputy, European deputy), President of ANCE (Agence Nationale Création d’Entreprises), Ludothèques de France, Europe-Tibet, Mission Ecoter, Ville Numérisée, Europe 99

Author of many books: « De la pyramide aux réseaux » (Editions Autrement, 2007), « Entreprise 2.0 » (Edition, 2008), « Le pouvoir au-delà du pouvoir » (prix Leaderinnov 2013 – Editions Bourin, 2012) », « Une nouvelle ère – Sortir de la culture du chef » (Editions François Bourin, 2015)

Being a sponsor of Connecting Pro People is

• Being part of a dynamic network of decision-makers in an open and authentic environment,
• Having an open mindset beyond one’s professional areas of expertise;
• Discovering and bring people to discover the know-how of all fields, thanks to the spirit of sharing within the community


President of SANOFI Développement Development Director of Territorial Employment & Entrepreneurship Human Resources Division Europe & France SANOFI

I had the great pleasure to sponsor Anne Sylvère and Connecting Pro People for several years. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet many leaders from the business world, small, medium or larger; all come from very different functions (HR, finance, innovation, international, strategy, CSR …).

It is also the opportunity, in an always friendly atmosphere, to exchange, reflect, learn about many current topics and themes that will build the world of tomorrow.

Francois Brounais
Francois BrounaisHAWORTH

General Manager – France and Vice President Europe West, Middle East and Africa of the company HAWORTH, specialized in the development of commercial spaces.

By being a sponsor, I am supporting this network to promote the values of openness, listening and caring, fundamental elements that guide us in our interactions.

Dominique Boulbes

President of Royal Independence

The Royal Independence Group is the national leader in solutions for home improvement and senior citizens’ independence.

I became a sponsor at CPP to encourage this environment of professional exchanges, which makes it possible to meet people from different horizons as well as to share common passions. This is Anne Sylvere’s real strength: to create bridges, to put people in touch with each other.


President of HORSCADRE, communication consulting agency off and on line

Give meaning to your communication to perpetuate your know-how, your entity and your business … and show the value of the company’s offers and services.

The role of the sponsor :

  • In conjunction with CPP values above all: CONFIDENCE, SHARING PASSION
  • CPP action relay / broadcaster
  • Support of CPP in its event and organizational actions,
  • Help with the projection of CPP in its future actions

What CPP brought me as a sponsor :

  • Knowledge, intelligence: meeting leaders, exchanges on current and future topics.
  • Business
  • Partnership
  • Getting in touch
  • Kindness and openness to the world
  • Human and conviviality.

Director, ARPEGES

Pleased to contribute and help the club when I’m asked, Connecting Pro People meets my expectations, it’s a professional alchemy. Thanks to the meetings with the different actors of different sizes, I managed to turn the lead into silver and sometimes gold.

Thank you Anne for your kind communicative energy.


Internet expert, teacher, writer, and entrepreneur

He has authored two books on the Internet, and has delivered numerous lectures on the digital Renaissance.
He is an expert with the APM.
He has created 5 companies, including Highdeal in 2000, resold to SAP.
He is currently in San Francisco for his latest startup, Mentia, which offers an app to help people with Alzheimer’s to regain their well-being (

President of MUGECO

Inventor of knowledge trees

Michel Authier has been accompanying Anne Sylvère for almost 25 years, bringing his expertise on the issues of skills and the economy of knowledge. Anxious to put the human at the center of all decisions, he innovates by inventing methods and tools of cartography (trees of knowledge) so that everyone becomes aware of its importance in the groups with which he acts, learns and blossoms.



Sponsor of Connecting Pro People, a highlight for me.

This Club is true, it embodies my values: benevolence, trust, attention and especially it is original and innovative both by the atypical events that it offers than by these incredible places that we discover but especially by the quality of its speakers and the members who make it live.

Connecting Pro People has a soul and that makes all its difference !!!

Marie-Hélène THOMAS
Administrative and Financial Director & Human Resources Director of RDAI, Interior Architecture

I became a sponsor of CPP to accompany Anne Sylvère in her project to create a network of true exchanges filled with benevolence. CPP connects people from different horizons by offering events in various fields, allowing in each case to share in mutual respect and trust.

Christophe BOUAT
Financial consultant. Former Chief Financial Officer, member of the IdF Bureau of the DFCG (Association of Chief Financial Officers and Directors of Management Control) and director of Action Logement. Graduate of HEC and DESCF

He believes in the values ​​of dynamism and benevolence that are embodied in this networking club. Working to take into account business development, innovation and HR in financial decisions, he has developed a pragmatic and agile methodology for managing complexity. This technique applies to businesses of all sizes and to social groups with different or even contradictory objectives. He accompanies his clients by making sense of numbers and resolving blocking situations.

I have seen many times in my activities as a consultant or CFO, a sustainable economic success requires taking risk, courage, work of course, but it also requires respect, benevolence and authenticity.

I have known Anne SYLVERE for years. I have always seen her embody these qualities. She is always present in joys and trials. Her eagerness to help her interlocutors continues. She does not find rest until she has created the conditions for success and joy for them.

I was very proud when Anne invited me to join Connecting Pro People and be one of the sponsors.

My role as a sponsor is to bring my skills as a Technical and Finance Manager available to her project.

Connecting Pro People members are driven by a quest, which is both mission and need. They express the skills in which they excel and be theirs. Unfortunately, they are often slowed down by the complexity of administrative, regulatory and financial constraints. The sponsor, who I am, tries modestly to help Anne and the members to understand the actuality of their needs and to mount events in which they will find solutions.

A big thank you to you, Anne, for creating Connecting Pro People for us !


Consultant, former HR Director in the SAFRAN Group, President of the UNIVERS ‘RH association which promotes social innovation.

I have always supported CPP both for its values of trust and enthusiasm but also for its ability to promote exchanges and compare practices in very different professional worlds. It is from here that the fields of the possible widen and that sometimes lead to real transformations.


Social Innovations Consultanting & Change Coaching, Master in Change Certified by ESSEC.

I have the great pleasure to sponsor Anne Sylvère and Connecting Pro People for a few years now. It is the distinctive positioning of this network and its plurality that for me seems to be creating values. CPP certainly makes it possible to meet peers, managers of all sizes of companies and consulting organizations animated by the same concerns of social innovation and transformation of organizations, in other words to freely exchange and identify our best practices.

But the various programmed events also make it possible to open up to more societal issues and to private / public partnerships at the territorial level.

Finally, CPP is committed to the human dimension of every person in charge and to their personal development through the techniques of well-being, arts, music, sport …

It is, in short, a global vision of change proposed to us, putting individuals and organizations at the heart of the transformation processes.


Founder of Astrea / Executive Coach HR

For more than 20 years, Valérie has been assisting Start-up & SME executives, structuring their organization, positioning and leading their teams to meet business challenges. The transformation and change management by integrating the teams is a leitmotiv in her approach: cultivating the qualities of each and the collective potential to increase motivation and improve performance and profitability accordingly.

She is totally committed to executives as a real “Sparing Partner”, she capitalizes on her experience to “confront them with benevolence” on their problems and accompanies them thanks to the very strong bond of confidence that they develop together.
Certified by HEC as “Executive Coach”, she is also involved in the ESSEC / Centrale-Paris “Entrepreneur” Master’s degree program.

She shares the values of CPP and is committed as an ambassador to promote mutual help, the creation of a bridge and especially the kindness we need so much to put / put the human in the heart of the business.

Founding Trustee & Partner, Oxford Leadership

The trajectory of our personal and professional lives is often the fruit of unforgettable encounters. These open up new perspectives, make us grow, mark us. I sponsor the Connecting Pro People network because it has this ambition through original events to allow decision-makers to get to know each other better to succeed together.

There are few places that favor CPP’s creation of authentic links. I bring my attention and my energy so that the relationships we create are benevolent and sustainable. Anne Sylvère, the founder, is the passionate conductor. I would not be here without her.

Consultant, Senior Executive Coach, Trainer EMCC Holder & Licensed Human Element Practitioner

The role of a sponsor :

Bring my ideas, my feedbacks my contacts to enrich the proposals of CPP.

Through my presence, a special attention to the guests so that they are able to meet and create relationships of trust conducive to the creation of lasting and effective partnerships.

Enthusiasm and openness for a friendly and professional atmosphere.