Managers, decision-makers or senior executives (DAF, HR, Communication, Marketing, Supply Chain Director …), companies of all sizes and from all sectors, public and private, French-speaking or based overseas

By subscribing to a membership, you would be :

  • Sharing our values:Authenticity, open-mindedness, trust, respect
  • Commit by your presence, your support, your responsiveness with regards to requests from Connecting Pro People, whether it is for your interest or that of one of the members.


  • Individual interview beforehand
  • Signature of a charter setting down the commitment to the values of the club and to an exemplary behavior
  • Subscribe to an annual membership

In the event of non-respect of the commitments and of behavior problems, the club reserves the right to exclude the member without any financial compensation.


  • Participate in all the events * offered by Connecting Pro People (a minimum of 12 events per year),
  • Access all members,
  • Benefit from specific links according to your needs (including outside events),
  • Be valued by the club during events
  • Be invited to exclusive events

(*) except for the “Business Experience” event reserved for a very specific target depending on the theme


Different rates are offered and adapted to your situation :

  • Companies,
  • Other: start-ups, small businesses <10 employees, local authorities, associations, foreign companies, expatriates, etc.
  • The “friends of the club”

A participation fee (at the special member rate) is requested at each event and per person

Give it a go…

Attending our events as a non-member is possible (but limited to a maximum of 2 entries) to allow anyone wishing to join Connecting Pro People community and to get to know us better before deciding to subscribe to a membership.

After taking part in one or two of our events, you can join the club and become a member by following the membership requirements outlined above.

Contact us

By phone

+33 6 08 76 07 62

By mail

    (*) obligatory