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Let’s dare to meet, advance and succeed together!

It is an original club of entrepreneurs, decision-makers, who facilitates networking, offers crossed views, creates bridges between companies, leaders, entrepreneurs, scientists, artists, men and women …

It’s more than 300 leaders and decision makers, dynamic, eager to move forward, to break silos and share the same values ​​of openness, authenticity and respect.

CONNECTING PRO PEOPLE is born from a simple idea: authenticity and benevolence are compatible with dynamism and initiative.

A biographical note of the Founder of Connecting Pro People

Anne Sylvère joined the MEDEF in 2001 as Head of Corporate Relations to address the concerns of business leaders by accompanying them on a daily basis. She becomes then aware of the need to promote more authentic relationships and conceives her events differently.

With a rich and varied career, Anne Sylvère realizes that her vocation is to be “at the service of others”. As a comedian at the beginning of her career, Anne Sylvère develops a taste for comedy because she discovers that it facilitates trust and cheerfulness between people, thus promoting human relations. As an Ambassador at L’Oréal, she incorporates the training sector alongside professionals and discovers the importance of soft skills, the know-how-to-be of the corporate world. She came to the realisation that active listening and openness are key elements for making a business a place of trust and benevolence.

The words of a CEO of a notorious foreign company highlight her vision and values :

« It is not because we have a reputation as a big international company that we are necessarily trusted »

CONNECTING PRO PEOPLE is founded in 2016 thanks to the support of its Patrons, all leaders and recognized decision-makers of various sectors and activities, in order to continue her vocation: break the isolation of leaders, recreate authentic relations and emulation. Anne Sylvère is convinced that the human qualities, the courage and the risk-taking skills of CEOs and managers should allow for a networking of professionals whose aim is to break the monotony of loneliness and distress.

“I wanted them to be able to share while remaining genuine, to work together on business opportunities while combining fun with usefulness. I wanted to create a club where the business world feels welcomed and considered.

Many leaders, whom I had the good fortune to support in my previous job, quickly became part of the first circle. They encouraged me. They reinforced me in my idea. They supported me in my project.

Very quickly, the circle grew bigger. New members joined us. Today Connecting Pro People counts more than 300 leaders.

With their help, I develop and improve every day our club.

This network is first of all yours. We speak true. We combine conviviality, skill development and enriching meetings.

Thanks to you, Connecting Pro People emerges as a reference of optimism, respect and dynamism”.

Anne Sylvère

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