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Connecting Pro People with its network offers

you to create gateways between start-ups with LITHUANIA

With the participation of
















Start-up WORLD, member and partner






And with the contribution of






Introduction to ecosystem of start-ups

and the tips how to enter French and Lithuanian markets??


October 8, 2020 (Thursday)

From 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm (heures françaises) !

From 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm (Lithuanian timetable) !

(One line en english)








When asked “what are your goals and challenges” entrepreneurs are often inexhaustible.

Moreover, entrepreneurs all have similar issues related to corporate governance, whatever the applicable market.

Why not make various leaders connect with one another to think together about solutions by sharing their respective experience?


At each event, a country is honoured so that the members of Connecting Pro People and Start-up WORLD can benefit from the feedback of a group of start-ups.

Each event helps to create and strengthen links between organizations in order to pursue and increase business synergies between professionals.


Programm (the event will be held in English)

2 PM – 2.05 PM: Welcome + Presentation of the concept of the event (Beatrice)

2.05 PM – 2.10 PM: Opening by the Embassy of Lithuania in France

2.10 PM – 2.20 PM: Presentation of Start-up Lithuania

2.20 PM – 2.25 PM : Presentation of Start-up WORLD

2.15PM  -2.20 PM : Paris Municipality or Pépite created J?

2.25 PM – 2.30 : Presentation of the brainstorming concept and of the course of the session by an expert in Co-development by Anne

2.30 PM – 3.45 PM: Presentation of the start-ups (15 start-ups including 7 Lithuanian ones, 4 Start-ups WORLD, 4 CPP)

3 minutes per Start-Up

1minute feedback/opportunity

1 minute Q & A

3.45 PM -3.50 PM: Announcement of upcoming events

3.50 PM – 3.55 PM: Questionnaire

3.55 PM – 4 PM : closing


For participants :


Once registered, we thank you kindly to send us as soon as possible a presentation in word or PDF of you, your startup and its activities, your logo and a photo. These elements will be added to the site in order to indicate your participation in the event, to give you visibility and to allow those who would like to be put in touch with you to register.

Please send your items to:


Presentation : 


Nerijus Aleksiejūnas, Ambassadeur de la République de Lituanie en France



Roberta Rudokienė, Head of “Startup Lithuania

The national startup ecosystem facilitator in Lithuania. Roberta is highly experienced in business development and recently was nominated as one of the most influential women in startups space of the whole Europe. 


Présentation de Roberta Rudokienė, de Start Lithuania






Site de Start-up WORLD








Présentation de Béatrice LEBOUC